There comes a time when we begin to question so many things happening around us. It feels like we missed the right path, seems we got so fast that we ended up following the wrong direction. Everything seems to be going on well yet we feel so empty and restless.

Along the line, we lost our voice, we forgot how to love, we forgot when to care, we forgot what we believed in, we forgot what to hope for. There’s just so much to say but the words just don’t come out, there’s just so many fixed feelings, so many; thoughts, questions, words, memories and so many confusing imaginations, so much tieing us to the past, the lessons from the past so fresh that it keeps you limited from the things present.

You just want to be free yet worried about being so free. You just want to careless but end up being extremely careful. Sometimes you’re enjoying the beauty of the moment but at some point you just want to run away from it. You just keep avoiding that dark place, You just suddenly feel like you are drowning, No one seems to really understand. You’re in doubt of every single action. You are prepared for the worse when the best hasn’t even started.

All there is, is just a BROKEN SOUL wanting to be found YET scared of being found, wanting to be healed YET scared of being healed.




  1. Broken Soul.
    I was happy but yet was full of more delight when I found her
    I thought she was sent by Divinity
    Never knew godhead has a plan beyond human comprehension
    All the days I had her, joy was my companion but how did I lose such precious gift words can not interpret.

    1. Thank you for sharing yours with us.
      Sometimes we just can’t tell by reading our pages how things turned the opposite direction. one thing for sure is the hope that every broken soul can be healed.

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