Hi there, i’m glad you stopped by. My name is Mary E Mowarin.

When I was in Jss 2 I came up with a name called MODASHY, it was made out of pure creativity. I love the name because it’s a combination of my full name and also my character. So, I guess I can say that i’ts a powerful name with a deep meaning. I’m a Nigerian blogger, I blog about inspirations and success. My close friends say I like talking a lot (lol) so let’s say you’re going to be seeing more of stories and I love to write also, which means i’ll be dropping some small write ups. lol i’m beginning to talk too much again so let’s just call this my online diary.

On the other hand, I own a business called MODASHY’S EMPIRE. Modashy’s Empire has a lot to offer such as Modashy’s human hair, Modashy’s Wears, Modashy’s Concept, Modashy’s Cleaning Services, and a lot more. I will be posting some of my products here and I hope you would want to purchase them. My business page handle on instagram is modashys_empire. Once again thanks a lot for stopping by my page and I hope you come here often.