Yellow for one week

This is the first time I’m wearing the color Yellow. For some reasons i love wearing dull color clothes. I feel so comfortable in dull clothes. I was reluctant to buy the blouse but i said to myself why not give it a try. When i wore it i felt so different, i felt like i was given a new life, i was so happy. I took pictures and videos, and when i began to look at the pictures one after the other i could see the beauty of yellow on a dark skin girl. I wore yellow all through that week lol. I felt like i was reborn. I sent the pictures to my Mom and immediately she phoned me and told me how happy she was that i tried a brighter color. She said “You look so beautiful, don’t you see how a bright color looks good on you? please do away with all your dull clothes and get way brighter colors).

Have you ever tried a different color from your usual and how did it go? Did you regret it or did you love it?. Please share with me your experience on the comment section and let the gist continue!

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