I never used to fix nails. I love simple things plus I can be lazy. I never used to wear makeup, lashes and nails. I fixed lashes for the first time in 2017, it was a beautiful experience lol I felt like an entire house on me, it felt so heavy and i could barely see.

My friends used to tell me that I should stop doing team natural and try out new stuff. One day I followed my friend Abigail to the place where she usually does her nails and lashes and she kept insisting that I fix lashes. While she was insisting the lady at the shop told my friend Abigail that when it’s time for me to fix the lashes nobody would tell me lol. Few days later I kept thinking about fixing lashes, I always thought that the day I fix lashes I would go blind lol. One day I just went back to the shop on my own and told the lady at the shop that I wanted to fix my lashes. She laughed and said I told you when it’s time you would come nobody go force you lol. My heart was beating as fast as it could because I was wondering if I had just made the worst mistake of my life. When she was done fixing the lashes for me, my eyes felt so heavy and I barely could see lol. Any small breeze and I thought the lashes would fall off lol. I called my friend Abigail with so much excitement and told her, all she did was laugh and said so now that you fix the lashes have you died? lol it felt like an accomplishment and since then I fix them once in a while.

The first time I fixed artificial nails was when I was in China 2018. My brother took my friend Fatuma a.k.a Nash and I to the mall. I usually just put polish on my natural nails as they were really long. Sometimes people even thought my nails was artificial. So that day, we went to the nail shop in the mall. Fatuma was getting the artificial nails and I was normally supposed to just polish my nails when Fatuma insisted I fix the artificial nails that it would look nicer. I turned and looked at my brother and he was like ‘’that wouldn’t be a bad idea’’. Since it had been on my mind for a while and they also suggested I was like COOL let’s do this and that was how they cut off my natural nails to fix the artificial one lol

I came back from China July 2019 and I wanted to fix my nails. My friend Janelle and I was taking a stroll and a lady stopped us and said I fix nails and i’m also a make up artist. So my friend and I was like why don’t we just fix our nails here and so we did. Since then I usually just go to that shop to do my nails and hair since she was a really nice person and took good care of her customers.

I called her and booked an appointment but she said she was traveling so I told her please call me when you come back cause I need to fix my nails.
I was sleeping that hot afternoon of October 1st when my phone rang and the caller was the lady at the nail shop, she said she was back and I should come fix my nails now but I told her I was tired so we should push it to the next day. She insisted we did it that day as the next day she had an event to attend. I got up from the bed, dressed up and went there
As she was filing the nails i got injured a few times, my mind was already telling me to tell her to just chill and we would do it some other time cause i can hardly bear pain and I hate to see my blood. I decided to just bear and get it done with.

On the 3rd of October 2019, the day it went wrong.
Around 10am my Moms friend came visiting. I was in my brothers room watching tv, my brother said he was going out and my mind told me to follow him but i was really tired so I decided to just stay home. I went to the sitting room and as I was leaving to my room I saw my purse on the center table. I decided to grab my purse. As I was doing so, the purse dropped from my hand and in the process of catching, I don’t know what happened and boom my entire finger nails and the artificial one was all out.
It wasn’t painful at all at that very moment, in about a few seconds there’s blood everywhere, i’m confused on what to do, My Mom was saying “i told you you to stop fixing nails, if you must do so, fix a shorter one and not all these long ones that looks like a witch”, my Moms friend was asking me if it was affecting my head lol, that when her nails went off it was like her head was about to explode.

The moment I saw blood everywhere I started to panic, I was trying so hard not to cry and then I remembered that the previous night I was trying to turn on the light with that exact finger and I got an electric shock. Immediately I started crying thinking the enemies wanted to destroy that finger lol I told my mom and she first poured holy water on the injured finger looolllll.
I started feeling serious pain. My mom took me to my room and wore me a trouser, and asked if I was okay with just the shirt or if she should wear me a bra. I had a deep thought “what if I jumped so much at the hospital and my shirt goes up breast don open o” so I said she should wear me the bra. lol I hadn’t brushed my teeth that morning so I did so, then finally we drove to the hospital. when I got there, the receptionist told me to sit and join the queue, I told her with the pain I am in I can’t. She said except I pay 3,000 Naira for emergency before I can be attended to immediately, so my Mom did so and we was taking to the emergency ward.

Oya na hear the gbege start ooo
The artificial nails was glued with super glue so that was a problem. The nurse gave me an injection in my ass and one on my upper arm. The doctor then held a razor like thing and held my finger, immediately i turned my face away. I didn’t even look at all, when the pain became unbearable i just held my moms dress tightly, it took like forever for them to finish. The doctor had to take out both my natural and artificial nails. The way I was shouting in that hospital it was like I was undergoing childbirth. This I can say is one of the worse days of my life. I cried a whole lot and when the entire process was done the doctor said every 48 hours i’d come back to the hospital for wound dressing 4 different times. So now I have to make sure water doesn’t touch my left fingers so it doesn’t go on the wound cause if it does it wouldn’t heal properly. Now I eat, bath, work and do every single thing with just my right hand. Until this happened, i never knew how important it is to have both hands functioning.

Please always be careful when you fix your nails and go for the normal nail glue and not super glue. This happened on my left finger and for days my left arm was in severe pain so i couldn’t even take out the rest nails. I had to wait for a week before taking out the rest.

You remain my favorite audience