My Daddy

It’s funny how I used to be a very good writer until i lost my Dad. 

I love you Abiola!

02/04/2014 at 3:50Am you left!

And since then I haven’t been able to write even a tribute. 

I didn’t write for a long time till last year. 

Writing poems and stories hasn’t been as easy as it used to before you passed away.

I’ve been trying to write you a tribute for years but when I hold my pen there’s nothing. 

This is all I could write in 6 years and I hope that someday I could heal enough to complete this 

“I prayed, I cried, I hoped, I wished,  but yet my faith wasn’t completely strong. I wasn’t bold enough to look you in the eyes when you were here but when you left I searched for you in my thoughts, in my memories, in my past, in my dreams and in my future but you were no where to be found………”

The last thing I told you was “How are you?” That’s still my question till now.

If I could see your face one more time there’s so many things I want to say. There’s been so many birthdays without you my birthday mate. 

6 years and it still feels like yesterday. 

I miss you and I’d never forget you Daddy 


I’m still your Erewa


Modashy’s Pen! 

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