It doesn’t seem like we’d be okay…

Our union became war.

When did this love become so poisonous? 

How did you become the one I can live without?

When did I get so irritated when our bodies touch?

When did wearing my wedding band feel like cuffs?

When did waking up next to you get so boring?

When did your kisses become so cold and empty?

When did your touch become so unbearable?

When did adultery become a sin I crave to commit?

When did our lovely home turn into “just a beautiful house”?

When did my lover become just a housemate?

When did the spark in my eyes turn into great resentment?

How did two naked bodies present on the floor become so unpleasant?

When did quitting become my innermost and deepest desire?

The more you try to make things better, the more I want to run away and never look back.

A room once filled with love and passion has become a room with just two bodies.

How did I get so lost in my own home?


Modashy’s Pen!


Modashy shot this one ☝️

How can you be so close yet I can’t reach you?

How’s it that you’re right in front of me yet I can’t see you?

You whisper right in my ear yet I can’t hear you,

I’m buried in your arms yet I can’t feel you,

I’m looking you in the eye yet I can’t see me,

How did I hold you so close that you slipped away? 

I knew you were drifting apart but,

I was carried away by your words of affirmation and the warmth it gave,

I look at you and I’m lost in thoughts,

Thoughts of how and what it would feel like if I loose you,

I feel like I’m loosing you and I can’t take it.

…Mary Mo! 
Modashy’s Pen🖊