My Daddy

It’s funny how I used to be a very good writer until i lost my Dad. 

I love you Abiola!

02/04/2014 at 3:50Am you left!

And since then I haven’t been able to write even a tribute. 

I didn’t write for a long time till last year. 

Writing poems and stories hasn’t been as easy as it used to before you passed away.

I’ve been trying to write you a tribute for years but when I hold my pen there’s nothing. 

This is all I could write in 6 years and I hope that someday I could heal enough to complete this 

“I prayed, I cried, I hoped, I wished,  but yet my faith wasn’t completely strong. I wasn’t bold enough to look you in the eyes when you were here but when you left I searched for you in my thoughts, in my memories, in my past, in my dreams and in my future but you were no where to be found………”

The last thing I told you was “How are you?” That’s still my question till now.

If I could see your face one more time there’s so many things I want to say. There’s been so many birthdays without you my birthday mate. 

6 years and it still feels like yesterday. 

I miss you and I’d never forget you Daddy 


I’m still your Erewa


Modashy’s Pen! 

Let’s keep the road busy!

Why do we have to wait till it’s all lonely and cold before letting out our feelings?

Why do we have to bring people flowers when they’re already gone?

Why do we realize how much people mean to us when they no longer exist?

Why do we fight to keep their good name when they no longer need it?

Why’s the first picture you ever posted of them RIP when they can’t even repost or feel appreciated?

Why do we remember only the bad in people when they’re here but remember all the good when they’re dead?

Then you attend their burial and you’re upset that you didn’t get drinks and food, wow!

Some people’s picture never gets laminated until they die. They say let’s give him/her their last respect but then I wonder, was there a first?

You say he’s your friend so then you write him a song for his funeral, why didn’t you write to him one on his birthday?

It’s a cold and silent night, The road is empty and everyone in mourning and all they could do is love the people who are gone!

The flowers you didn’t give him/her when they were alive don’t take it to them when they’re no more.

Don’t bring me flowers when I’m gone, 

Don’t tell me how much you love me when I’m dust. 

Let’s keep the road busy and celebrate the ones that are still here, the ones that can say thank you, the ones that can smile back at us, the ones that can say I love you too!