Let’s keep the road busy!

Why do we have to wait till it’s all lonely and cold before letting out our feelings?

Why do we have to bring people flowers when they’re already gone?

Why do we realize how much people mean to us when they no longer exist?

Why do we fight to keep their good name when they no longer need it?

Why’s the first picture you ever posted of them RIP when they can’t even repost or feel appreciated?

Why do we remember only the bad in people when they’re here but remember all the good when they’re dead?

Then you attend their burial and you’re upset that you didn’t get drinks and food, wow!

Some people’s picture never gets laminated until they die. They say let’s give him/her their last respect but then I wonder, was there a first?

You say he’s your friend so then you write him a song for his funeral, why didn’t you write to him one on his birthday?

It’s a cold and silent night, The road is empty and everyone in mourning and all they could do is love the people who are gone!

The flowers you didn’t give him/her when they were alive don’t take it to them when they’re no more.

Don’t bring me flowers when I’m gone, 

Don’t tell me how much you love me when I’m dust. 

Let’s keep the road busy and celebrate the ones that are still here, the ones that can say thank you, the ones that can smile back at us, the ones that can say I love you too! 




Life indeed is just a pot of cooking beans. This year 2019 has been a great one. In this year I’ve seen unlimited joy, I’ve felt peace within, my mental health put to test, I’ve felt pain, I started a business, I got disappointments, I cried, I prayed, I wished for better days, I hoped for better nights, I got mood swings, I had sleepless nights, I prayed for miracles, I panicked, I got betrayed, I started hearing things about myself from the people I least expected that from, I met good and bad people, I realized who my true friends were, I knew who was real family, I had struggles, I had injuries, I lost a friend and after all of these, I SURVIVED.

This year has been one of the most challenging so far, On the 1stday of 2019, I was in China, I didn’t have enough money on me but I decided to go to church on the new years eve, the church I went to was the next city after the one I was in, it was about an hour journey. After the church service, I missed the bus going back to my city so I had to use a taxi, when I checked the money I had on my phone, it wasn’t enough to get me to my city. I started looking at the meter when the money read up to what I had I told the taxi to stop. My brother, my friend and I came down from the taxi and started looking for other options. It was winter, I wasn’t wearing a warmer nor did I carry a jacket (I don’t know how I ended up making that mistake). I was wearing just a jean and a dashiki, we were in the cold for almost an hour before we later booked a taxi on the app that allowed us to pay later. As I was standing in that cold I prayed that at the end of the year I should be in a better place.

The middle of the year was better than the beginning. I started seeing God’s hand in everything. I realized some things happen for other things to happen. In July, I left China and travelled back to Nigeria. 

We have come to the end of the year and I just arrived in Canada. Canada has been my dream country and finally, I’m here. 

I remember the days I prayed for all that I am and have now, it has shown me that God is with me. I’m using this medium to appreciate God for the little things I forget to thank Him for.

Lord God, I’m thankful for the life that you have given me, I’m thankful for the grace you’ve shown me, I’m thankful for the air I breath, I’m thankful for the gift of sight, protection, good health of both mind and body, and mostly the beautiful family you blessed me with. I’m sorry for the days I forget to put You first, for the days I doubted You, for the sins I’ve committed knowingly and unknowingly, for the sins I’ve committed in my thoughts, word, and actions, I’m mostly sorry for the things and moments I forget to thank you for. Lord, I love you.

I’m thankful for my Mother. My Mom is the strongest, beautiful, caring and most loving person I’ve ever met. She wants nothing but the best for me. She has done her best to give me the best things of life, She has been my inspiration, my prayer warrior and partner, my business partner, my gist partner, the shoulder I cry on, the one who rejoices with me and loves me unconditionally. I love, appreciate and adore her. I would choose her over and over again. I love you, Mummy!

I’m thankful for my brother; he has been the best sibling ever. We never used to like each other while growing up but somewhere along the line we became inseparable, we give each other strength when the other gets weak, we were destined to be great friends in this life and God made it easier by making him my brother. He’s more like a sister to me and I’m like a brother to him. We are the opposite of each other yet we make a good team. We keep it going both in good and bad days, I love you, Blooder!

I’m thankful for my extended family. My uncles, My aunties and My cousins 

I’m thankful for my friends, you all are amazing. Let me talk about a few of them. E-jay and i have been best friends for over 8 years, I call her my sunshine, sunshine, you’ve been amazing so far and thank you for making my stay in Nigeria a lovely one, I appreciate and love you. Jencita and I have been friends for over 6 years and she has been more than great. She made my stay in Nigeria very interesting. She was there for me most of the time I needed her. Janelle and I have been friends for 4 years, I call her bahdest and those 4 years seem like 40 years, thanks for the vibe in Nigeria. Jennifer and I met in china so we’ve been friends for about 2 years now and I can say we’ve bonded so much that we became best of friends, I call her my baby mama, we been through both rough and smooth times and I’m happy today that we both get to laugh at the end of the day. Thanks, baby mama for making friendship so easy. I’m typing too much now, thanks to all of my friends; Gabriel, John, Abigail, Hope Chimmy, Kobiruo, and Ella you all made my stay in Nigeria a good one. To all my friends I didn’t mention I appreciate you all, you mean a lot to me. To all those that I met this year thank you, you’re either a blessing or a lesson.


I’m thankful for me. It wouldn’t have been possible without my efforts and sacrifices as well. I was able to come this far because I believed in myself, I knew what I wanted and I worked hard enough to get it. I’m not at that place I so want to be yet but I can tell you that I’m getting there. 

The year 2019 has come to an end, I’m happy I’m alive and doing great and I’m proud of myself that I’m ten times better than who and what I was at the beginning of the year. I pray for better days in 2020 

As long as I survive, I would arrive.





The reason why I believe that angels live on earth is because I had the opportunity to meet one.

How can a person be so kind, beautiful in and out, so contented, so true, so strong, so talented, so playful, so free and down to earth?

Anyi was a peaceful place in human form

She loved life so much and made use of every moment. There was no dull moment with Anyi, She loved giving people new names, She called me black diamond and she called herself star beauty. When school closed she’d make us all dance on the table singing high school musical songs. She had a very unique handwriting, she didn’t believe anyone would be able to write exactly like her, her best friend Favour could write almost exactly how she did, good thing is that I’m good at forging writings and signatures so during one of our classes I wrote my note exactly like how she does and waited till the end of class to show her and the other people that was curious to know if I could really do it.

On Sunday evening 24th of November 2019 I got the unacceptable news. When I heard, I was certain that it was just mere rumours but then I felt restless. In a short while, it was confirmed to be true. With tears in my eyes that refused to roll down cause I couldn’t accept the truth, in a second it felt like I just finished from DSS (the name of the secondary school we both attended) the previous day. All the memories we had together in school came flashing back and all I could see was Anyi. I remember how we’d be together after the close of school till our moms were ready to go.

I remember one time after secondary school when I had already travelled to Cyprus I texted her on Facebook and we was sharing our experiences on school life and I told her how much I missed Nigerian food and she said I should do and come back.

For days after hearing the news I was in shock and in deep examination of conscience. It’s good to give people all the love we can while they are still here and not wait till when they are gone. Live life valuing people and making every moment worth it. I learnt a lot of things at that time; I called everyone I hadn’t heard from in a long time just making sure they are doing okay.

When I watched the video Anyi posted on her Facebook about her illness, I just couldn’t help but wonder how she could smile all through the pain and live a happy life.

Anyi was a woman with great potentials, she was a strong woman and She was always contented. Till now I’m still in shock and can’t help but think about her. Anyi my dear, you are deeply missed and I appreciate God for giving us an opportunity to know such a perfect person like you. Star angel, when I look at the stars at night I smile because I know you’re one of them.

As difficult as it is to accept, May her soul through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace. Amen