Ace shuts Feza from nagging by kissing her so deeply in a way she couldn’t resist.

She’s trying to stop him but he presses her on the wall, kissing her face all the way down to her neck and gives her a hickey.

He gently caressed her waist line down to her ass.

Ace puts his hand in her dress and takes of her bra, her nipples became so hard. He tingles her nipple with his teeth while her blouse was still on,

Feza had goose bumps as he rolled his tongue on her nipple making them wet.

He pulled her pants, looked her in the eyes as he puts her black thong in his pocket. While his tongue was in her mouth he squeezed her hard nipples,

Feza pushed him away, takes off her dress takes a deep breathe as she bite her lips while she puts her hair in a bun.

She went to Ace, grabbed his dick from his trouser, takes off his belt, took down his zip, unbuttoned his T-shirt, and ran her finger nails down his chest.

Ace carried her to his bedroom, laid her on the bed with his hand under her back, pulled her to the middle of the bed, kissed her passionately while he teased her clits with his fingers.

OMG! baby go rough on me,

Oh shit I’m going to scratch you so bad,

feza pulling the sheets,

her thighs vibrating,

she curves her back dying from maximum pleasure,

He thrusts in her, slow and steady in ecstasy,

she screams, Jason!

Ace stopped and looked her in the eye




Imperfect You!

I’m addicted to the way you moan when I touch you,

I love the way you breathe heavily when I caress you,

 I love saying sweet nothings to your ear,

I love taking off your clothes and putting them back on,

I love the way you arc your back in excitement while pressing your waist on mine,

I love how you smile when you see the dirty look in my eyes, 

I love how you make me naughty,

I love how you tickle my fantasies,

I love how you make me warm in those cold sheets,

I love how tight you hug me,

I love the way you seduce me,

I love how you curl up in my arms,

I love the way I make your thighs vibrate,

I love those beautiful lips when it’s locked in mine,

I love how simple but complicated you look,

I love how imperfect you are just because perfect is boring,

I love how you drool while you’re sleeping,

I love how you roll those luring eyes of yours,

I love how you challenge me,

I love how you see yourself in my eyes,

Just because perfect is boring

I love how you keep me thinking of only you,

I love how you flirt with me,

I love how imperfect your touches are,

I love how you love me,

I love how you laugh,

I love how you speak to me just because my heart, body and soul listens

I love how you make my heart beat faster when you touch me,

I love how I go crazy when your body touches mine,

I love how you keep my mind busy on what more dirty things to do to you,

I love how I get excited just from thinking of you,

I love how you make me feel complete,

I love how you bite your lips, 

I love how you make me love love. 

I love how I make you mine. 

…Modashy’s Pen 


Having to write about you makes my brain go empty, like I can’t put pen to paper or words to paper.
Am all confused.. cos where do I start from? The fact I fell in love with you because you first loved me or the fact that your love broke me down like the way dove love each other, making me feel like even talking with anyone that is not Abba is like breaking the gazes of my love and yours piercing through my skin.
You are crazy and it’s funny how we met. All I can actually say is that l am madly in love with you.
I bless the day we met and am grateful to Abba for letting us meet.
I know I don’t tell you how much I love you, I know but the truth is I am just so scared and in awe of how much you broke down my walls, those walls I took good time building.
Am just so scared of waking up one day to find out this was all a dream and you never existed.
Am scared to tell you how much I am in love with you cos I don’t want to lose you.
I put up this wall cos I know I will run mad if I wake up and you are not here…
I love you more than the air I breathe, can’t have a day pass without you finding your way to my thoughts forever.
Babe, l love you forever and a day.
The seconds I don’t hear from you burns like a wild fire looking for where to express itself.
You know my love for you is so great words can’t actually explain it.
Any thing that comes after the love I have for Abba romancing me into wholeness is you cos you don’t complete me. We are being made complete and perfect in Abba. Love you forever and a day.

My beloved
Your perfection.
Written 30/9/19. 8:45pm.
By Billi_Kprince