Ace shuts Feza from nagging by kissing her so deeply in a way she couldn’t resist.

She’s trying to stop him but he presses her on the wall, kissing her face all the way down to her neck and gives her a hickey.

He gently caressed her waist line down to her ass.

Ace puts his hand in her dress and takes of her bra, her nipples became so hard. He tingles her nipple with his teeth while her blouse was still on,

Feza had goose bumps as he rolled his tongue on her nipple making them wet.

He pulled her pants, looked her in the eyes as he puts her black thong in his pocket. While his tongue was in her mouth he squeezed her hard nipples,

Feza pushed him away, takes off her dress takes a deep breathe as she bite her lips while she puts her hair in a bun.

She went to Ace, grabbed his dick from his trouser, takes off his belt, took down his zip, unbuttoned his T-shirt, and ran her finger nails down his chest.

Ace carried her to his bedroom, laid her on the bed with his hand under her back, pulled her to the middle of the bed, kissed her passionately while he teased her clits with his fingers.

OMG! baby go rough on me,

Oh shit I’m going to scratch you so bad,

feza pulling the sheets,

her thighs vibrating,

she curves her back dying from maximum pleasure,

He thrusts in her, slow and steady in ecstasy,

she screams, Jason!

Ace stopped and looked her in the eye





A fine piece on a rainy night

In my bed looking out the window,

The raindrops on my window remind me of the drips you have running down your face when you work my body,

The raindrops remind me of my thighs when it’s raging in ecstasy, 

I’m wishing we could spend a thousand nights in the rain,

I’m cold and all I can do is squeeze my pillows,

Passionately, I crave for you like never before,

The heavier the rain, the more chills I get, the more I yearn for your fingers in my juicy downtown.

Oh my darling, I miss how you whisper how much you adore me in my ears while you’re laying on my back.

I’m playing your favourite song,

Standing in front of a mirror,

Looking at my eyes just cause I see you in them,

I’m picturing you loving me while I put my hands on my body,

I can’t seem to get enough of you,

When you make me scream, I can’t seem to catch my breath,

I hope the rain goes away and comes another night when I can be in your arms being naughty.

Just the thoughts of you keep it interesting. 


It doesn’t seem like we’d be okay…

Our union became war.

When did this love become so poisonous? 

How did you become the one I can live without?

When did I get so irritated when our bodies touch?

When did wearing my wedding band feel like cuffs?

When did waking up next to you get so boring?

When did your kisses become so cold and empty?

When did your touch become so unbearable?

When did adultery become a sin I crave to commit?

When did our lovely home turn into “just a beautiful house”?

When did my lover become just a housemate?

When did the spark in my eyes turn into great resentment?

How did two naked bodies present on the floor become so unpleasant?

When did quitting become my innermost and deepest desire?

The more you try to make things better, the more I want to run away and never look back.

A room once filled with love and passion has become a room with just two bodies.

How did I get so lost in my own home?


Modashy’s Pen!


Modashy shot this one ☝️

How can you be so close yet I can’t reach you?

How’s it that you’re right in front of me yet I can’t see you?

You whisper right in my ear yet I can’t hear you,

I’m buried in your arms yet I can’t feel you,

I’m looking you in the eye yet I can’t see me,

How did I hold you so close that you slipped away? 

I knew you were drifting apart but,

I was carried away by your words of affirmation and the warmth it gave,

I look at you and I’m lost in thoughts,

Thoughts of how and what it would feel like if I loose you,

I feel like I’m loosing you and I can’t take it.

…Mary Mo! 
Modashy’s Pen🖊

Imperfect You!

I’m addicted to the way you moan when I touch you,

I love the way you breathe heavily when I caress you,

 I love saying sweet nothings to your ear,

I love taking off your clothes and putting them back on,

I love the way you arc your back in excitement while pressing your waist on mine,

I love how you smile when you see the dirty look in my eyes, 

I love how you make me naughty,

I love how you tickle my fantasies,

I love how you make me warm in those cold sheets,

I love how tight you hug me,

I love the way you seduce me,

I love how you curl up in my arms,

I love the way I make your thighs vibrate,

I love those beautiful lips when it’s locked in mine,

I love how simple but complicated you look,

I love how imperfect you are just because perfect is boring,

I love how you drool while you’re sleeping,

I love how you roll those luring eyes of yours,

I love how you challenge me,

I love how you see yourself in my eyes,

Just because perfect is boring

I love how you keep me thinking of only you,

I love how you flirt with me,

I love how imperfect your touches are,

I love how you love me,

I love how you laugh,

I love how you speak to me just because my heart, body and soul listens

I love how you make my heart beat faster when you touch me,

I love how I go crazy when your body touches mine,

I love how you keep my mind busy on what more dirty things to do to you,

I love how I get excited just from thinking of you,

I love how you make me feel complete,

I love how you bite your lips, 

I love how you make me love love. 

I love how I make you mine. 

…Modashy’s Pen 


It’s not a regular Saturday,

She’s feeling some type of way, patiently waiting for her lover in a town so cold.

Chocolate, creamy, hot sexy, beautifully endowed body in a robe. Her long black braided hair with steamy thoughts in her head and music to serenade her soul.

She plays with her hair thinking of her lover and how quickly he could come to her and make her warm inside on those beautiful sheets. 

Her hands-on her thighs as she imagines her lover thrusting in her looking in her eyes and telling her how beautiful she is on the inside. Her thoughts get more spicy and erotic. 

What could a darling do on a night so young!

She closed her eyes for a second to satisfy her inner thoughts and to fantasize about what could be.

She pictured her lover behind her kissing her neck, running his hand from her back down to her juicy downtown, in an ecstasy of rage she jerks and arcs her back leaning on him, and screams. 

His love had intoxicated her soul and all she wanted was more and more! 

What could a darling do on a night so young!

He looks her in the eyes, licks his finger showing her how sweet she tastes and how he wanted to do more to her. 

Damn! Thoughts still running deep. She’s eager to know how naughty things could get. 

At this moment she knew she wanted all of him in her cookie, he bends her over, grabs her by the waist and thrust in her so passionately,


In the heat of the moment, all she craved was an old lover who knew how to work her body! 


Red heels, red lipstick, red short sexy dress, she’s looking sassy and powerful.  Long hair, nails polished, beautiful seductive legs, charming eyes, bold earrings and a tongue piercing. 

 She walks in the bar, raises her head high to find her date, he spots her and raises his hand to wave. She sees him and goes over to the table to seat with him.  She sits down and looks at him admiring how handsome he was looking perhaps she finally found a good match considering she met him on a dating site. 

He couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she looked. He told her he wasn’t perfect but he was willing to do his best as long as she was willing to try as well. As he spoke all she could see was his lips and how it would taste in hers. She kept giving him eye contacts but he avoided her eyes in every way possible cause all he could get from looking at those daring eyes were wild thoughts. She was scared at how far she was thinking already, she didn’t want to seem desperate at the same time she couldn’t stop the desire of wanting to taste him.  They didn’t know if the feeling was mutual but then when they looked in each other’s eyes it was electrical.

He asked her to dance with him and she smiled and said: “I don’t see any reason why I’d say no to that” while standing up and walking to him. He looked her in the eyes, smiled, rolled his eyes, kissed her hand, held her waist and said “there’s something about your eyes and I love it” she smiles and gives him a kiss on his cheek. She feels like her heart is about to explode, ”how am I so attracted to him” she thought. He turns her, hugs her from behind and whispers to her ear ” I’m scared I’m going to fall so deep that you wouldn’t catch me” she shivers and took a deep breath, faced him and said,” I hope you fall as deep or half as I’ve fallen cause I’m scared I’d never be found”.

He hugs her tightly. She’s got butterflies in her stomach, he says to her “when your heart is cold, my sheets are warm for you. When you get thirsty, I’m here to fill you up, when you get naughty, I’m here to thrust in you as my life depends on it. when you get sleepless nights, I’m here to listen to you. You’d never look for me cause I’d always be right by your side loving you till the end”. All she could see was a beautiful soul who had so much love to give. They leave the bar and he offers to take her home. 

They got to her house and she asked him to stay with her a little more. She sits really close to him, he kissed her and she realized how much she had been starving. She kissed him back. He looked her in the eyes breathing heavily, placed his finger on her thighs pulling her dress upwards like he was following a route going downtown and he said ”i want to fuck you to the rhythm of your favourite song” she goes ”damn!”. She plays her favourite song and puts it on repeat, and in a very controlling yet the sexy tone she said: “take down my zip!”.

She woke up realizing it was all a dream. Angrily, she dressed up for work feeling so lonely. She couldn’t believe it was another Valentine and yet still single. She got to work, later that afternoon she got a package.  She opened it and she saw a red short sleeve zipper front dress, red lipstick, red stilettos and a note that said: ”i can’t wait to take down your zip tonight!” 

MODASHY’s PEN! Wishes y’all a happy, and steamy valentine.
Mary MO!


Tears between my legs as your irresistible fingers run through my body.

You know so well how to work my body.  

I can’t help but think about how further we could go. 

I’m addicted to how you whisper my name when my lips run through your chest. 

You get me in ways that I can’t explain. 

There’s something in your voice that gives me strength. 

Your body was made for me to caress it,

 Your lips are so comforting, 

Your charming eyes gives me all the 

Signs I need to assure me that you can do it right.

 I love how you inspire me to do more. 

It was only but a moment yet I keep smiling when I think about it.

 How can we be so similar but different in so many directions?

 Baby, teach me how to heal from the way you make me feel.

 My soul is getting tired of longing for this poison you call love. 





Life indeed is just a pot of cooking beans. This year 2019 has been a great one. In this year I’ve seen unlimited joy, I’ve felt peace within, my mental health put to test, I’ve felt pain, I started a business, I got disappointments, I cried, I prayed, I wished for better days, I hoped for better nights, I got mood swings, I had sleepless nights, I prayed for miracles, I panicked, I got betrayed, I started hearing things about myself from the people I least expected that from, I met good and bad people, I realized who my true friends were, I knew who was real family, I had struggles, I had injuries, I lost a friend and after all of these, I SURVIVED.

This year has been one of the most challenging so far, On the 1stday of 2019, I was in China, I didn’t have enough money on me but I decided to go to church on the new years eve, the church I went to was the next city after the one I was in, it was about an hour journey. After the church service, I missed the bus going back to my city so I had to use a taxi, when I checked the money I had on my phone, it wasn’t enough to get me to my city. I started looking at the meter when the money read up to what I had I told the taxi to stop. My brother, my friend and I came down from the taxi and started looking for other options. It was winter, I wasn’t wearing a warmer nor did I carry a jacket (I don’t know how I ended up making that mistake). I was wearing just a jean and a dashiki, we were in the cold for almost an hour before we later booked a taxi on the app that allowed us to pay later. As I was standing in that cold I prayed that at the end of the year I should be in a better place.

The middle of the year was better than the beginning. I started seeing God’s hand in everything. I realized some things happen for other things to happen. In July, I left China and travelled back to Nigeria. 

We have come to the end of the year and I just arrived in Canada. Canada has been my dream country and finally, I’m here. 

I remember the days I prayed for all that I am and have now, it has shown me that God is with me. I’m using this medium to appreciate God for the little things I forget to thank Him for.

Lord God, I’m thankful for the life that you have given me, I’m thankful for the grace you’ve shown me, I’m thankful for the air I breath, I’m thankful for the gift of sight, protection, good health of both mind and body, and mostly the beautiful family you blessed me with. I’m sorry for the days I forget to put You first, for the days I doubted You, for the sins I’ve committed knowingly and unknowingly, for the sins I’ve committed in my thoughts, word, and actions, I’m mostly sorry for the things and moments I forget to thank you for. Lord, I love you.

I’m thankful for my Mother. My Mom is the strongest, beautiful, caring and most loving person I’ve ever met. She wants nothing but the best for me. She has done her best to give me the best things of life, She has been my inspiration, my prayer warrior and partner, my business partner, my gist partner, the shoulder I cry on, the one who rejoices with me and loves me unconditionally. I love, appreciate and adore her. I would choose her over and over again. I love you, Mummy!

I’m thankful for my brother; he has been the best sibling ever. We never used to like each other while growing up but somewhere along the line we became inseparable, we give each other strength when the other gets weak, we were destined to be great friends in this life and God made it easier by making him my brother. He’s more like a sister to me and I’m like a brother to him. We are the opposite of each other yet we make a good team. We keep it going both in good and bad days, I love you, Blooder!

I’m thankful for my extended family. My uncles, My aunties and My cousins 

I’m thankful for my friends, you all are amazing. Let me talk about a few of them. E-jay and i have been best friends for over 8 years, I call her my sunshine, sunshine, you’ve been amazing so far and thank you for making my stay in Nigeria a lovely one, I appreciate and love you. Jencita and I have been friends for over 6 years and she has been more than great. She made my stay in Nigeria very interesting. She was there for me most of the time I needed her. Janelle and I have been friends for 4 years, I call her bahdest and those 4 years seem like 40 years, thanks for the vibe in Nigeria. Jennifer and I met in china so we’ve been friends for about 2 years now and I can say we’ve bonded so much that we became best of friends, I call her my baby mama, we been through both rough and smooth times and I’m happy today that we both get to laugh at the end of the day. Thanks, baby mama for making friendship so easy. I’m typing too much now, thanks to all of my friends; Gabriel, John, Abigail, Hope Chimmy, Kobiruo, and Ella you all made my stay in Nigeria a good one. To all my friends I didn’t mention I appreciate you all, you mean a lot to me. To all those that I met this year thank you, you’re either a blessing or a lesson.


I’m thankful for me. It wouldn’t have been possible without my efforts and sacrifices as well. I was able to come this far because I believed in myself, I knew what I wanted and I worked hard enough to get it. I’m not at that place I so want to be yet but I can tell you that I’m getting there. 

The year 2019 has come to an end, I’m happy I’m alive and doing great and I’m proud of myself that I’m ten times better than who and what I was at the beginning of the year. I pray for better days in 2020 

As long as I survive, I would arrive.