Ace shuts Feza from nagging by kissing her so deeply in a way she couldn’t resist.

She’s trying to stop him but he presses her on the wall, kissing her face all the way down to her neck and gives her a hickey.

He gently caressed her waist line down to her ass.

Ace puts his hand in her dress and takes of her bra, her nipples became so hard. He tingles her nipple with his teeth while her blouse was still on,

Feza had goose bumps as he rolled his tongue on her nipple making them wet.

He pulled her pants, looked her in the eyes as he puts her black thong in his pocket. While his tongue was in her mouth he squeezed her hard nipples,

Feza pushed him away, takes off her dress takes a deep breathe as she bite her lips while she puts her hair in a bun.

She went to Ace, grabbed his dick from his trouser, takes off his belt, took down his zip, unbuttoned his T-shirt, and ran her finger nails down his chest.

Ace carried her to his bedroom, laid her on the bed with his hand under her back, pulled her to the middle of the bed, kissed her passionately while he teased her clits with his fingers.

OMG! baby go rough on me,

Oh shit I’m going to scratch you so bad,

feza pulling the sheets,

her thighs vibrating,

she curves her back dying from maximum pleasure,

He thrusts in her, slow and steady in ecstasy,

she screams, Jason!

Ace stopped and looked her in the eye





Tears between my legs as your irresistible fingers run through my body.

You know so well how to work my body.  

I can’t help but think about how further we could go. 

I’m addicted to how you whisper my name when my lips run through your chest. 

You get me in ways that I can’t explain. 

There’s something in your voice that gives me strength. 

Your body was made for me to caress it,

 Your lips are so comforting, 

Your charming eyes gives me all the 

Signs I need to assure me that you can do it right.

 I love how you inspire me to do more. 

It was only but a moment yet I keep smiling when I think about it.

 How can we be so similar but different in so many directions?

 Baby, teach me how to heal from the way you make me feel.

 My soul is getting tired of longing for this poison you call love.