Now She’s got me confused and thinking. Today it’s the green light sign and tomorrow she’s speaking against it, how then do I go about it.

She’s just a beautiful flower,
I love it so much that I just don’t want to pluck it.
I want to water it everyday and see it grow beautifully,
I want to hold it so tight that i’m scared it might suffocate,
I fear if I show it love, it would be excess,
I don’t want to make it depend on me because I fear I would fail and disappoint it.
How can i tell it how much i love it, without doing too much,
How can i show i care without going the wrong way,
how can i be sure that when I say ”I have something for you”, it’s mutual.

Now I just have to watch from afar. It’s better I water you everyday and hope you become more beautiful, than I pluck you and you end up dying.

let the heavens be my witness for my words are naked.


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