Red heels, red lipstick, red short sexy dress, she’s looking sassy and powerful.  Long hair, nails polished, beautiful seductive legs, charming eyes, bold earrings and a tongue piercing. 

 She walks in the bar, raises her head high to find her date, he spots her and raises his hand to wave. She sees him and goes over to the table to seat with him.  She sits down and looks at him admiring how handsome he was looking perhaps she finally found a good match considering she met him on a dating site. 

He couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she looked. He told her he wasn’t perfect but he was willing to do his best as long as she was willing to try as well. As he spoke all she could see was his lips and how it would taste in hers. She kept giving him eye contacts but he avoided her eyes in every way possible cause all he could get from looking at those daring eyes were wild thoughts. She was scared at how far she was thinking already, she didn’t want to seem desperate at the same time she couldn’t stop the desire of wanting to taste him.  They didn’t know if the feeling was mutual but then when they looked in each other’s eyes it was electrical.

He asked her to dance with him and she smiled and said: “I don’t see any reason why I’d say no to that” while standing up and walking to him. He looked her in the eyes, smiled, rolled his eyes, kissed her hand, held her waist and said “there’s something about your eyes and I love it” she smiles and gives him a kiss on his cheek. She feels like her heart is about to explode, ”how am I so attracted to him” she thought. He turns her, hugs her from behind and whispers to her ear ” I’m scared I’m going to fall so deep that you wouldn’t catch me” she shivers and took a deep breath, faced him and said,” I hope you fall as deep or half as I’ve fallen cause I’m scared I’d never be found”.

He hugs her tightly. She’s got butterflies in her stomach, he says to her “when your heart is cold, my sheets are warm for you. When you get thirsty, I’m here to fill you up, when you get naughty, I’m here to thrust in you as my life depends on it. when you get sleepless nights, I’m here to listen to you. You’d never look for me cause I’d always be right by your side loving you till the end”. All she could see was a beautiful soul who had so much love to give. They leave the bar and he offers to take her home. 

They got to her house and she asked him to stay with her a little more. She sits really close to him, he kissed her and she realized how much she had been starving. She kissed him back. He looked her in the eyes breathing heavily, placed his finger on her thighs pulling her dress upwards like he was following a route going downtown and he said ”i want to fuck you to the rhythm of your favourite song” she goes ”damn!”. She plays her favourite song and puts it on repeat, and in a very controlling yet the sexy tone she said: “take down my zip!”.

She woke up realizing it was all a dream. Angrily, she dressed up for work feeling so lonely. She couldn’t believe it was another Valentine and yet still single. She got to work, later that afternoon she got a package.  She opened it and she saw a red short sleeve zipper front dress, red lipstick, red stilettos and a note that said: ”i can’t wait to take down your zip tonight!” 

MODASHY’s PEN! Wishes y’all a happy, and steamy valentine.
Mary MO!

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