A fine piece on a rainy night

In my bed looking out the window,

The raindrops on my window remind me of the drips you have running down your face when you work my body,

The raindrops remind me of my thighs when it’s raging in ecstasy, 

I’m wishing we could spend a thousand nights in the rain,

I’m cold and all I can do is squeeze my pillows,

Passionately, I crave for you like never before,

The heavier the rain, the more chills I get, the more I yearn for your fingers in my juicy downtown.

Oh my darling, I miss how you whisper how much you adore me in my ears while you’re laying on my back.

I’m playing your favourite song,

Standing in front of a mirror,

Looking at my eyes just cause I see you in them,

I’m picturing you loving me while I put my hands on my body,

I can’t seem to get enough of you,

When you make me scream, I can’t seem to catch my breath,

I hope the rain goes away and comes another night when I can be in your arms being naughty.

Just the thoughts of you keep it interesting. 

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